Millwall FC V Leeds United goal Neil Harris

Leeds United Video Rating: 2 / 5


  1. lufcfamilyguy12 says:


  2. lufcfamilyguy12 says:

    @charliemfc That’s O.K taking the piss of something you know nothing about , but that Hungarian team stabbed a load of yours , and plsu , you cunts are in the play-offs , enjoy it!

  3. gazzachapps1986 says:

    hahahaha u call this a good atmosphere!!haha

  4. charliemfc says:

    thick northern cunt

    always look out for turks carrying knifes

  5. HaInZi88 says:

    shit atmosphere!
    tek it uv neva bin t elland road then
    u want 1 of the “`399“` wo u hsouthern pussies