Leeds United Video Rating: 4 / five


  1. TheVirusStrike says:

    @Aydanthomas7 u epic mate MOT!!!!!!

  2. IFLStealthz says:

    0:24 looks like a cherry! :L

  3. ChromeDome83 says:

    Manu is goin down – the way leeds did. Leeds are on the up now and the times are changing…. 🙂

  4. sundimented says:

    @yetoner Ur chinky fans will leave soon when they realise ur shit, and are in huge debt! Could the last person out of Salford switch the lights off. The scum can’t afford electricity.

  5. Johnsterdude94 says:

    @yetoner We’re as big as the red shite, how are we fairweather supporters? We’ve got some of the most loyal support in the country. All the gloryhunters left when we went down.

  6. yetoner says:

    You’ll never be bigger than Man U though will you. Fair weather supporters. Where were all your fans when you were shit @Johnsterdude94

  7. Johnsterdude94 says:

    @yetoner shut up you cunt, and somehow huddersshite town are better? We have better fans than you lot, your biggest home game of the season in the playoff semis and you still couldn’t fill out! We’re better than you, we’ve always been better than you and will continue to be better than you.

    Huddersshite town-forever in our shadow.

  8. TheMhedge says:

    Grayson FTW!!

  9. joshovls11 says:

    1-0 we beat the scum 1-0 nanana going up going up we are going up coz were super leeds

  10. united4detreble says:

    was a nice 3 points yas picked up

  11. Aydanthomas7 says:

    marching on together come on leeds !!!!!!!!!1

  12. BestyKidLEEDS says:


  13. yetoner says:

    Leeds fans are the worst in the world. Crap Club, Crap Team and even worse fans

  14. YokieFC says:

    my thoughts? LEEDS LEEDS LEEDS! Looks like 16 Man Ure Plastics Watches This!

  15. ABcustomsHD says:

    jermaine beckford, scored a fukin great goal. In the scum shithole, in the scum shithole.

  16. faceache10001 says:


    What the fuck are you on fella – your lot turned up at OT, called the cops who looked after you in W’spoons in Chorlton, walked you safely to the ground for your own safety and same after the match.

    United had a huge show that day – the cops did a good job of keeping you safe.

    Hope you do get back up so that we can take the liberties we used to at your dump.

  17. MrSennagod says:

    @zIITaLeNTzIIz did man utd win the f a cup in 2010 ? roflmao..

  18. MrSennagod says:

    did man utd win the fa cup in 2010? hahahaahaahhaha hahahahahheheheheheheheeheheheehehe i cant remember who knocked em out? now let me think who was it? mmmmmmmmmmm lmfao

  19. JY1202 says:


  20. antiremed says:

    who sing the song?

  21. hedgehoguk84 says:

    what a shit video, how was this in any way related to the game

  22. craigneilpearson says:

    @lfinn2 marching on together lad

    championship here we come 😀

  23. lfinn2 says:

    @craigneilpearson and we have 😀

  24. craigneilpearson says:

    if we get promoted this will be a season to remeber for many many years 😀

  25. PD1968 says:

    United fans constantly sing about hating Leeds and Scousers,how bad is it that they were founded by a SCOUSER!
    The parish was the birthplace of the Newton Heath Lancashire and Yorkshire Railway Football Club which was established in 1878 and later become the world famous Manchester United. It began life as a football team formed by Frederick Attock, a Liverpudlian who was a superintendent engineer of the Lancashire and Yorkshire Railway(L&YR).