leeds united v bristol rovers beckfords goal

Leeds United Video Ranking: four / 5


  1. DannyDrake6 says:

    dawnmally, i agree ..

  2. dawnmally says:

    omg still gives me goosebumps 12 months on!!!

  3. tazlufc says:

    wicked!!!!!!!!!! leeds till i die

  4. SamandLUFC says:

    I love the way Bradley Johnson jumps up and down!

  5. DavGrevilley says:

    @kcthestoner you twat!!

  6. SamandLUFC says:


  7. lufcwakey says:


  8. Montessoo says:

    We are fucking Leeds United ! ๐Ÿ˜€

    We are proud : )

    I love Leeds and ลKS ลร“Dลน from Poland ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. jonny18lufc says:

    it think this is the best moment, to be down to 10 men, 1-0 down knowing them cunts millwall were winning and to jus do it in the space of 7 mins amazing was ryt next to their fans was amazing

  10. inthebeat91 says:


  11. lufcfamilyguy12 says:

    @kcthestoner you obviously did’nt see us at Forest last week ? Even Forest fans were praising us , fucking cunt.

  12. TheTadasss says:

    Went to see man utd vs leeds. when beckford scored it was probably the best moment in my life. WACCOE!!!!!!!

  13. ShaylerKiid1 says:

    marching on together…………………….

  14. pistopizzini says:

    I’m from Argentina and I love Leeds. I can’t wait to watch a Leeds’ game in Elland Road

  15. fizzbomb1972 says:

    @kcthestoner …IF YOU HATE LEEDS UNITED HAVE A GO ……..

  16. oldielufc says:

    @kcthestoner Do I taste bitterness?

  17. jakebeal1996 says:

    @kcthestoner best fans ever

  18. kcthestoner says:

    no atmosphere apart from the goal and MOT, RUBBISH FANS END OF.

  19. Regan1710 says:

    I love the split second silence before Becks hits the ball then it just goes crazy

  20. LuFcDoDdY says:

    leeds fans here, leeds fans there, leeds fans fuckin everywhere
    well played bristol rovers gave us a good game to get promoted on

  21. seventiesclassic says:

    It was Leeds’ destiny to go up this season…shit second half of the season…after we beat the scum mancs….down to 10 men..1 goal down…and still we win…..DESTINY !

  22. PaishyGasheadNproud says:

    @jonny18lufc You just got promoted so you decide to run over to us rather then celebrating with your team and fans.

    Good Luck to all the other Leeds fans next season

    Including the few that were clapping us at the end of the game


  23. jonny18lufc says:

    it was imense i ran straight at the bristol rovers fans no better feeling

  24. WayneGarbutt says:

    Awsome just absolutley awesome what a team we have and what a fan base to back it up. Leeds I love you.

  25. spd47 says:

    Some atmosphere there for sure,good to see Leeds back in the championship,rip Chris and Kevin.