Leeds United – Goal of The Season – 2010/11

Leeds United Video Score: 5 / five


  1. SpearofJust1ce says:

    For shear technique it has to be BJ vs Arsenal.
    But because its Becchio, and he’s a total legend for swearing in a post match interview, as well as it being a winning goal, it’s got my vote.

  2. gibbo024 says:

    haha once again using my video 😉 i dont mind so long as you give me some kind of credit as i spent ages editing all the goals,, as far as the vote goes il go for goal J Gradel Vs Scunny 🙂

  3. LUFCalex says:

    its gotta be luciano becchio’s screamer! B !

  4. xxUltimatezz says:

    can you send us a link to the johnson goal Vs Arsenal i need the LUTV Version.
    GOAL K

  5. jalansmithlufc says:

    i know johnsons was probly the best, but becchio’s goal B was my favorite! snoddy had some absolute beauty’s tho…