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Cagliari sold to Tommaso Giullini

The Italian entrepreneur Massimo Cellino was the owner of Cagliari for 22 years before he decided to sell it to TommasoGiullini a few months ago on June. During his time as the owner of Cagliari, there were a total of 36 different managers that took control of the Italian club and because of this it was why Cellino earned his nickname as: ‘’The Manager Eater’’.

After selling Cagliari, Cellino decided to take over the Championship League club Leeds United which was completed on April 10 with the family of Massimo acquiring 75% of shares of the English club.

Since Cellino became the majority shareholder of Leeds United in April, there have already been 4 different managers selected as the coach of the club and the latest one is Neil Redfearn. Massimo Cellino is hoping that Redfearn will be the only coach for the next 10 years.

Massimo Cellino said: “I hope he stays at least 10 years. That is the dream, to keep him as coach for at least 10 years. It’s very difficult to say what will be success.  If I knew the team I could tell you ’20 points’ and the team will play a certain style of football. But if you don’t know which team you’re going to have, it’s very difficult to say. I think he has to build something and take the best that we have got and then in January we have to go into the market. But we don’t give money to the manager to spend. I manage this club. I’ll work with my coach; we’ll work together because the way in England is not my way to work’’

Massimo Cellino wants to keep Neil Redfearn for the long run but it will ultimately depend on the results that the coach manages to get especially now in the remaining months of the current year.