London Donovan expressed his confidence and belief on US national Team

London Donovan expressed his confidence and belief that the US national team will be able to qualify for the World Cup without any issues.

A 2-0 loss against Guatemala was surprising for the national team, which has qualified for every edition of the World Cup since 1990. This result puts the national team in a difficult spot going into the last three games. Donovan, who has played in the last few editions but missed out on the World Cup 2014, claims that he is confident of success in the last three games and qualifying to the tournament.

Donovan also took this opportunity to take a swipe at national team boss Jurgen Klinsmann. The German was a major factor in Donovan’s decline in the national team. Klinsmann looked Donovan as an extra baggage going into the World Cup 2014.

He has an opportunity to put things immediately right when the US host Guatemala in a few days. Winning this game will not only help the US leap frog Guatemala in the table, but it may also be enough to close the gap on Trinidad and Tobago. The Caribbean team have become the surprise leaders of group C and they lead US by a few points already, in part because on Napoli striker Hengales.

“Lots of upset US soccer fans today and understandably so. Remember, it’s just one bad result and we will win the next 3 games and qualify. Understandable and I don’t disagree. Team is lacking confidence and seems confused. Hopefully it gets sorted out,” said the former national team captain on his Twitter account. Ever since the World Cup concluded, the US have been going through an inconsistent run of form. Even though the loss againstGuatemala is the first in five matches, the national team previously went through a very poor run towards the end of 2015.