Botaka Gets Back His Momentum In Leeds United

Leeds United has helped form careers of several players. One such player is Botaka. Jordan Botaka is working hard to earn his place in the team.

He might have it tough now, but it is one player who has had it tough from the very beginning. As a result, he is ready to put in efforts and face adversity as he plays for Leeds United. Playing as a winger for the team, he is ready to put in efforts to improve his game.

This season has been difficult for him and has made him doubt his potential. However, he does not doubt that joining Leeds has been good for him. He is not looking to exit any time soon from the team.

The winger has been falling behind, with the head coach advising him to put in more effort in training and working at the under 21 team levels. He, however, feels that he has completed a good year with Leeds and feels that it was definitely a time well spent with a lot of learning. He feels that he has to put in efforts and he is definitely giving it his all.

Botaka was happy when he accomplished a skillful maneuver when playing at Hull City last Saturday. He felt good doing it and tweeted so to his fans as well. This was one of the rare appearances, he has put up before which he has not been seen on the ground since February. Evans also gave his performance a critical review, but he is not feeling defeated. Botaka came to Leeds when they signed him on last year in August with the Excelsior team. He was taken on as a winger who started to play from October for the Leeds United team.