Leeds United 3-3 Wigan Athletic (Gary Kelly Goal Fanzone)

Leeds United Video clip Ranking: 4 / 5


  1. DylanWalters123 says:

    haha, i remeber watching this at my grandmas house and hiding behind the sofa when it went to penalties!

  2. lxlCyanidelxl says:

    ‘so long as its a white shirt on the back, we’ve got a chance in the game’

    ‘never, ever, ever rule out the mighty white gods that are Leeds united football club’

    Two quotes from this video, that I have really took to heart and make me proud to be a Leeds fan. M.O.T

  3. jakeyalmighty says:

    Omg i watched this game 😀

  4. baguhmeister says:

    @dannyaires697 retired……plays for craic in the leinster senior league for a team from drogheda in ireland…cant remember their name though

  5. baguhmeister says:

    @MDGlitches what do ye want a medal?

  6. MDGlitches says:

    I was mates with his son since i was like 5. Still know him now 😉

  7. megawraithy says:

    gary kelly my foreever favourite player

  8. D3rFabi says:


    haha epic

  9. oShaw96xx says:

    what a goal i was sat write behind them goals when that happened =)

  10. april1ish says:


  11. halfwayhooch says:


  12. thetrav1995 says:

    Love it

  13. timmy8372 says:

    bloody love it cannt get tired of it

  14. obi1jim says:

    he retired

  15. dannyaires697 says:

    where did gary kelly go?

  16. nasher901 says:

    Lol the funnies thing about this is when he says crainey for chelsea, no leeds we will pay yer to take him away. Its funny coz when ever ive seen him play he has been fucking shit

  17. c0cknose says:

    Bad keeping? Get over it.

  18. c0cknose says:


  19. metlufc says:

    Is that Bob commentating? He sits a couple of rows infront of me hehe. 😀

  20. isupporleeds says:

    Absolutely cracking goal, what a legend! i member that game very well, MOT

  21. jonnygb4 says:

    What Form you in?
    i got Tranter

  22. louluvsl33ds says:

    lol neither do i
    i live in leeds but i go to rossett in harrogate
    im off to the carsile game
    im 15 to

  23. jonnygb4 says:

    no unfortunately i dont have a season ticket we should really i only live in harrogate!

    Im 15 By the way

  24. louluvsl33ds says:

    lol nice one
    have u got a season ticket how old are you

  25. jonnygb4 says:

    ive been a Leeds fan since the day i was born and i will until the day i die. i just wasnt thinking when i asked……i fugured it out in bed then felt stupid that i asked you!!:)