TSS – Leeds United 2 – 1 Bristol Rovers 2010

Leeds United Online video Rating: four / 5


  1. Leeds art we! says:

    Enjoy Conference Bristol Rovers hahahahahahahaahhahaah

  2. Kim Robert Lund says:

    GOOSEBUMPS!! this game had EVERYTHING! Come on Leeds, back to back
    promotion this year! M.O.T

  3. livefeed247now says:

    what a day what a game what a team ,oh yeah super leeds !

  4. Josh Townend says:

    Shit, I think my replay button’s broken!!

  5. EgorManiac says:

    This game happened on my grandad’s birthday (we’re both Leeds fans). I
    remember phoning him up at half time saying “Well, we’ve got no chance.
    Play-offs here we come!”, then phoning him up at full time saying “We did
    it, Grandad. We finally did it!”, a month later he died. This will always
    and forever be the most special Leeds match of my entire life because of
    that. RIP Grandad. MOT

  6. MrSennagod says:

    fucking love this video … leeds leeds leeds … M O T

  7. tommymwood says:

    Happy days

  8. cm1ab says:

    Watched this about 30 times now Makes me smile every time What a match

  9. Clive Bindley says:

    Only Leeds United could do this…a must win game…missed a few
    chances…down to 10 men as player gets sent off for being a nob…go a
    goal down…come back to score 2 and get promotion! MOT without the bearded

  10. Mark Richardson says:

    that moment Beckford scores makes me giggle every time. Every time. I hate
    how BBC missed the bit where Beckford intercepted the throw out by the

  11. ADH says:

    had a mini heart attack in the east stand upper when beckford scored the
    winner , shooting pains down left arm tightness around the chest and the
    guy 2 seats away wanted to get me a doctor , did i let him did i fuck
    partied until monday morning lets say its a top 5 highlight of my 31 years
    going to Elland Road

  12. SearchlightsInc says:


  13. The Scratching Shed says:

    @BrianFace182 I’m just glad you see Johnson as the ball falls to Becks.
    Never fails to make me smile.