Leeds United’s promotion-sealing goal

Leeds United Video clip Score: four / five


  1. geezer198869 says:

    i challenge any1 on this earth 2 find a better louder reaction in sport anywhere ever. MOT

  2. superleeds30 says:

    This video never fails to give me goosebumps, fucking amazing day, what a noise! MOT.

  3. CaptKeckler says:

    Probably the best game i have ever been too. I was sat about two rows behind you

  4. mark1donna1 says:

    I was in Linakers Bar on Magaluf beach. Brill atmosphere and will never forget it. Been going to Leeds for 41 years and apart from beating scum 3-1 and 2-1 when the noise took the roof off Elland Road in the nineties, this must rate as third favourite game. MOT!!

  5. adamyorkyy says:

    Brilliant brilliant day. Total chaos when that goal hit the net. Thought i was gonna have a heart attack

  6. adamyorkyy says:

    Brilliant brilliant day. Total chaos when that goal hit the net. Thought i was gonna have a heart attack

  7. reaney10 says:

    Amazing day one of the best ive had MOT !

  8. GelderdEndLeeds says:

    I still can’t believe you managed to keep hold of the camera

  9. leedstag says:

    Ahh the memories….

  10. shizzlers0135 says:


    best moment ever 🙂

  11. hazzaeya2k6 says:

    best moment of my life so far.

  12. 23lufc1919 says:

    The greatest video

  13. ZoneofEgos says:

    I was there, and I laughed, cheered and cried all at the same time most of the way through the second half.

  14. dawnmally says:


    Me again lol, Omg i can’t stop watching this, What a day!!! This video sums up the atmosphere, fecking awesome, still gives me goosebumps 10 months later lol xx

  15. TheSleppers says:

    Let’s go fucking MENTAL!! what a day, love you all! Back to back promotion here we come! MOT

  16. dawnmally says:

    I STILL cant stop watching this!!!!! Immense!!!!!

  17. StolenMonkey says:

    Me : I’m going out to kill the 3 people who didnt like this video
    The World : 3 on 1 ?. . . . it won’t be easy
    Me : don’t worry i’m taking 130 Service Crew Boys 🙂

    If you hate Leeds Utd HAVE A GO ! ! ! MOT WACCOE

  18. MarvelousOne84 says:

    Will be silent compared to may 2011

  19. bjff17 says:

    absolute brilliant.

  20. Adono86 says:

    this video is special… it all goes white, and then there is a split second silence… and then all hell breaks loose!!!

  21. geezer198869 says:

    1 word. wow!!

  22. 4drecord says:

    @dawnmally It’s the pride & passion of LUFC! It’s time to go back up, it’s been too long. MOT

  23. 4drecord says:

    Let’s hope we do it all again this May! 1 step to the final frontier and back where we truly belong! MOT

  24. dawnmally says:

    i was there!! still gives me goosebumps everytime i watch it! 🙂

  25. avinou92 says: