Jermaine Beckford goal vs Man utd Fa Cup 3rd Round

Leeds United Video Score: 4 / five


  1. LFCEOIN says:

    he got a message

  2. RainyLeeds says:

    @TheWanted33312 Becchio isnt going he signed a new contract like a month ago

  3. TheWanted33312 says:

    @RainyLeeds we need him if he dont and becchio and that lot go who will we be

  4. RainyLeeds says:

    @TheWanted33312 We dont need neeed him?

  5. TheWanted33312 says:

    come bak beckford we no weev got becchio and snodgrass and that lot but we need u evertone plz give him back

  6. HipAlbatross11 says:

    @whitehawk38 i dont see how people can jump from team to team.

  7. whitehawk38 says:

    @HipAlbatross11 i was also raised as a united fan but i i found a better team named arsenal that i love. coincidence lol

  8. HipAlbatross11 says:

    @whitehawk38 haha i was raised to love leeds and hate united…and id say my dad did a good job

  9. HipAlbatross11 says:

    @01ccoulson hahaha yeeeee

  10. whitehawk38 says:

    @HipAlbatross11 why is there a leeds fan in Canada?

  11. mrultimategamer11 says:

    nice goal

  12. pistopizzini says:

    happy anniversary!

  13. Makkerz says:

    route 1 football. beautiful.

  14. LeedsUtdFTW says:

    Hahaa, still loveing it now:D . The scums excuses are brilliant ” Lucky” and “wouldnt of won without beckford” MOT

  15. 01ccoulson says:


  16. kezza254 says:

    Best day of life so far

  17. TeRRoRizZe says:

    his bad first touch was the best touch of his career

  18. CharlesChuck6 says:

    @HipAlbatross11 YEAH!! leeds totally dominate the premier league!! WOOHOO

  19. AdamSwindonUK says:

    will be a legend with us forever because of this. Shame he had to leave, but understandable too. Good luck with the bitter blue scouse JB

  20. TODDERZx says:

    @pogboy11 ahaha he left, everton got him for free unluckyyy.

  21. JBooter says:

    Yeah Beckford! COYB!!!

  22. dburford9 says:

    Goodbye Beckford

  23. MsPregis says:

    a fine servant to Leeds. He deserves his shot at the big-time

  24. SheekySheekyFatboi says:

    Awful touch but a quality finish.

  25. leedsfan4life85 says:

    got to do it on saturday