Garry Monk is not interested in contract talks

Garry Monk is doing something that has not been accomplished in a significantly long period of time as the English manager is pushing Leicester City to the top 5 spots of the English League Championship.

This is a huge improvement for Leicester City as they finished the previous season of 2015-2016 in the 13th position but with the arrival of Garry Monk and his appointment as the new head coach of Leicester City, has seen the club being consistently positioned in the top spots of the 2nd tier of English football.

Monk took over Leicester City on June 2 of 2016 as he replaced Steve Evans and even though it has not even been 1 year since he has arrived to Elland Road, fans of the club have already taken a liking to the English manager and want to see Garry Monk stay in charge of the club for an extended period of time than what his contract has stated.

The current contract of Garry Monk expires in the summer and for the past few weeks, discussions and rumors have been going on involving what is going to happen with Monk when his contract with Leicester City reaches it’s end and if he is interested in staying beyond what his original deal established.

When this question was brought up during one of his latest press conferences, Garry Monk replied by saying: “I’m not going to talk about that situation, I don’t need to. I think it’s selfish if I talk about myself. Right now is these players, this football club and them trying to win games, that’s the only bit’’

“You guys, I will tell you the first if there’s any news on that side of it but that will obviously be when I have sat down and spoke to the club. For me, it’s selfish of me to think about myself. It’s important that I think about my players and my staff and this club. We are trying to do that and that’s what’s already started in readiness and in preparation for this game at the weekend’’ Leicester City’s Garry Monk said as the English manager said that he is just focused on doing the best that he can for the club and when the season reaches it’s end, then discussions will probably initiate.