Freedman Goal For Leeds *96 min* *HIGH QUALITY*

Leeds United Video Rating: five / 5


  1. thegambitking says:

    Awesome! Leeds is such a great team!

  2. WeBeatTheScum01 says:

    First leg. We won the 2nd leg 2-0 90th minute winner to make it 3-2 on aggregate.

  3. thegambitking says:

    Was this the second leg or something, and it tied it up? Because they were still down 2-1 in this game… what was the situation beforehand? Still, a very dramatic goal!

  4. Falcon Masterfull says:

    you knew we were gonna win it when that one went in… just a shame about the final or that would have been some season lol!

  5. nathanleedavies94 says:

    i was on my holidays when i watched this.

  6. jamescrowther1234 says:

    he made a massive improvement to the team

  7. lufcservicecrewcv47 says:

    we should of signed him

    marchin on

  8. beavislufc1 says:

    im in this vid behind dugout

  9. leedslufcfan says:

    put in &fmt=18 at the end of the link for even better quality 🙂