FIFA 09 – Leeds United Goal Compilation Part 2

Leeds United Video clip Ranking: 4 / 5


  1. TheIbRaCaDaBARCA9 says:

    great video !!!!

  2. MerseyKopite1 says:

    leeds´s great but i support liverpool

  3. NiProzZ says:

    oh ok my bad sorry

  4. 1Merseyside says:

    Nope, I got up in the Premiership and won it, then I bought them..

  5. NiProzZ says:

    i seen wayne rooney and torres you put them in from menu?

  6. 1Merseyside says:

    Thank you mate.

  7. amore53 says:


  8. 1Merseyside says:

    Hehe thanks mate.. Yeah off course the standard Leeds players cant do this, but I had too win and get to the PL before I could buy real good players..

    I have a final FIFA09 online video, which is the best video I’ve ever done, but when I’m uploading it, it always failes.. Dunno why..

  9. Arsenalgunner27 says:

    amazing…altho is this on manager mode, most of the leeds united players cant do some of these tricks unless you manually grow them

    I did a manger mode with leeds united and got promoted on my first season but I got about 1/4 through the chapionship and forgot all about it and I cant be assed with FIFA 10 round the corner to carry on with it.

    Took a lot of time to get to the championship

  10. FPxNoOb says:

    i didn’t know this existed, this should have way more views

  11. 1Merseyside says:

    Lol im not so sure about that dude..

  12. amrdeif8 says:

    Well this video definitely deserves much more views mate. …..

  13. 1Merseyside says:

    Wayne Rooney.

  14. 7NoCkSYlUfC7 says:

    whos tht at 34

  15. coltsleeds says:

    DU U AVE PS3 OR XBOX IF U AV PS3 DIS IS MY NAME az1996-united_fc lol

  16. 1Merseyside says:

    Har gjort det nå..

  17. blinddkorn says:

    men du merseyside jeg har sendt deg friend invite på psn men du har ikke adda meg. når gjør du det? gamertag:candylover

  18. AsbjoernDJ says:


  19. bloodwiners says:

    torres is the best player on fifa 09

  20. 1Merseyside says:

    Yeah it is, but I havent played half of them 😉

  21. AsbjoernDJ says:

    6 seasons… Thats a lot of games, and a lot of goals too 😀

  22. 1Merseyside says:

    Hehe thanks man 😉

  23. blinddkorn says:


  24. 1Merseyside says:

    Lol, this is my manager mode dude..I’ve played around 6 seaons, is it so weird that the team is full of stars?

  25. LeedsUnited675 says:

    I hate when people modify the leeds team by leathal stars!