Away at Leeds United. Leeds 2-3 Hull City.

Leeds United Online video Ranking: 3 / 5


  1. Ant Northgraves says:

    Yeah, you are, but that’s because you’re a bigger City. You Leeds fans live in the past and you all still think you’re all Premier League Champions, by the way, it’s 2012 now, you’ve spent like 3 years in League 1.
    If you’re counting the success of Hull City and Leeds United in the last 10 years, Hull have had 3 promotions, been taking over by rich businessman and are currently battling for a fourth promotion.
    Leeds have been relegated twice and promoted once.

  2. Madminilufczak says:

    bigger team the u

  3. Ant Northgraves says:

    That must bother you 😉

  4. Tom Mellors says:

    leeds till i die