Arsenal 3-1 Leeds United | The FA Cup 3rd Round Replay – 19/01/11

Leeds United Movie Score: four / five


  1. CardbordBoxHD says:

    Schmeichal, Howson, Johnson, Gradel. All gone :'(

  2. Harris2160 says:

    2:27 I could watch that over and over again.

  3. indigo8889 says:

    howson and johnson NCFC! LEEDS SHIT!

  4. IronHris1 says:

    arsenal fan here
    kasper saved leeds from a 1-4,5 seriously now…

  5. Bendosh says:

    Alot of the Arsenal fans were applauding the Bradley Johnson goals, shows you how good it was. !!!!

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  7. Trussy2k11 says:

    3.46…. the commentator “when paytner plays regular he’ll score goals like this” mm no he wont

  8. barcellona4ever says:

    Ye .. i hope one day will become like this 😀

  9. manucost3 says:

    encuentra la diferencia

  10. BrianFace182 says:

    Wondering where that screamer of a first touch from Somma went? It deffo should be in the highlights, was much closer to scoring than Paynter.

  11. jackhleeds1 says:

    goal of the decade

  12. rosewt01 says:

    Follow LUFCRumours on Twitter for all Leeds transfer rumours 🙂

  13. NathanHNUFC says:

    You can just tell Kasper will be as good as, if not better than his dad.

  14. zalkin83 says:

    0:59 is the best part of the video. Chamakh congratulation the keeper on a fine save, that’s how football should be.

  15. adriang458 says:

    bendnter what a cross

  16. 24inchPythons says:

    i concur. sportscenter is in desperate need of a resident soccer analyst, alexi lalas perhaps?

  17. TrueSkyl1n3 says:

    What a surprise from a User called “LeedsUnitedSupported” ¬_¬

  18. MrSnoders says:

    well played arsenal!…fool

  19. MrSnoders says:

    shut up you div, the 3rd one…

  20. kerrym02 says:

    in the first game they dived so leeds should have gone through

  21. MessyPaints says:

    Hah, if you watch 4:02 – 4:06 look at song faking his injury in the centre circle, he goes to the floor acting injured, see’s bendtner on the wing and gets straight back up

  22. calumdabest says:

    Is this Martin Tyler ?

  23. TurboTheTurtwig says:

    Good game Leeds, you have some of the best fans I have ever seen.

    Hope you get in the premier league. 🙂