Adam Clayton | Leeds United | HD

Leeds United Movie Ranking: five / five


  1. daviesbfc says:

    He will be at burnley soon! 🙂

  2. TheMasterofMusic01 says:

    Sorry boys, he’s now at Huddersfield. Good signing. Welcome to
    Huddersfield, Adam.

  3. xXLiThIuMXx4 says:

    @GavGreenwood Whats the song called?

  4. GavGreenwood says:

    @xGeorgeGilly Thanks geo 😉

  5. Luke Spalding says:

    Sorry lads he’s at the mighty Huddersfield!! Der Der Der Der Adam Clayton!!
    UTT -3

  6. xHiiLLYHD says:

    Very nice 🙂

  7. nelson johnson says:

    great vid please can u do rickie lambert next as he is having a great
    season :). adam clayton looks good

  8. GavGreenwood says:

    He won’t be going to Burnley, Bolton are after him and who would choose
    Burnley over Bolton?

  9. GavGreenwood says:

    Yep i just saw the news about him been put up for sale, im gonna miss him,
    brilliant player <3

  10. Buckers0885 says:

    Shouldn’t this be Adam Clayton – Huddersfield Town legend

  11. KriPear says:

    Adam will be leaving leeds this summer. Really great player! Gonna miss him!

  12. GavGreenwood says:

    Thanks, i used sony vegas pro 11 to make this 🙂

  13. daviesbfc says:

    Bolton are in about £100 million debt! They aren’t buying anybody soon!

  14. GavGreenwood says:

    @MRGUNNERHD Thanks, i’ll have a look at him, i might do 🙂


    Really well made man, what editing program do you use?

  16. GavGreenwood says:

    @TheJayDeeEll Thanks man <3

  17. orangeorge says:

    first like, comment and favorite;)

  18. GavGreenwood says:

    @xHiiLLYHD Thanks mate 🙂

  19. Василий Родионов says:

    ♥ LEEDS

  20. HTFCforever1 says: