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USA winger Robbie Rogers had been on loan with Leeds since the winter break, but his excellent performance and wide range of skills and techniques has helped him to become a permanent part of the team. Leeds United manager Simon Grayson mentioned that his top priority currently is making sure that the deal with Robbie is finalized at the earliest so as to reduce any further complication in the matter.

The only focus right now is making sure that the work permit business is completed successfully so that Robbie can become a permanent player associated with Leeds United. Rogers has made over 100 appearances since the time he joined and has shown excellent capabilities in his performance and skills and ensured that all of it would be of great help in allowing him to get selected for a permanent transfer. The manager and coach were quite impressed with his game and are now keen on seeing him become a permanent player.

There are talks that once the deal is finalized, Simon will be discussing the future plans of action of Leeds United with Robbie to make sure that he feels comfortable with the game and matches. This is important as he is dependent upon Robbie to ensure that the chances of Leeds United for this Championship rise above par and cross the current existing limits. There has been no stopping Robbie Rogers from performing with all his might and soul and making Leeds rise in their standard and position in the League table. Let’s hope that the permanent transfer is definitely going to be of some help and use so that Simon can be relieved that he made the right choice.