One of the staggering things in the FIFA World Cup 2014 was to see Colombia reaching the Round of 8 beating a couple of comparatively stronger teams coming their way.

Colombia was actually being tipped by some people for making a shocking entry into the semis as well despite the fact that they were up against the host nation Brazil. Yes, they were playing this well. They eventually lost to Brazil though, but, they would surely have gone back home with their heads held high in pride.

Almost every member of the Colombian side did his bit for the team in the World Cup, but, a couple of their players i.e. Cuadrado and Rodriguez were just electrifying. The latter was even the ‘man of the tournament’ for his five wonderful goals and got the Golden Boot. (They helped me, as I won playing the live in-play sports betting at Will Hill Online – for that reason alone I will love James!)

Apart from the Golden Boot, Rodriguez got another huge reward a few weeks later as one of the biggest clubs in the professional circuit, Real Madrid, signed him from Monaco. It might turn out to be a career defining move for the young playmaker.

The other Colombian superstar though, that is Cuadrado, doesn’t have made a big move as yet in spite of being on the radar of the La Liga runners up Barcelona and the 13-time Premier League title holders Manchester United.

Carlos Valderrama, a Colombia legend, who played in excess of 100 matches at the international level, has a piece of advice for the winger.

Valderrama reckons that Cuadrado should go to Barcelona only as there he would be going head-to-head against Rodriguez.

Speaking in a programme yesterday, Valderrama said, “I want Juan to sign for Barcelona. It’s going to be fantastic for our football. Two of our main guys will be playing in the same league taking each other on. I really hope it happens.”

Cuadrado is presently a Fiorentina player.